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Personal Brand Package

This Package is best for someone looking to elevate their personal brand and start increasing the amount of revenue they're able to bring in from a variety of offers they're offering to be purchased or provided and get everything in one place looking professional!

This Package has been split into four sections for a clear understanding of the value this is providing:

Your Personal Brand Funnel: Here you will have your own personal custom funnel running with all your offers and value provided in one place. We will also make it so you can capture more leads looking to work with you or buy something from you as well.

Your Call or Appointment Bookings: We will integrate a calendar on your funnel so people can book appointments as well, and we can charge people to book calls with you also! We will also add follow up sequences after the call is complete based on how the call went to ensure that call results in profit for you.

Your Backend CRMs For Organization: What will be done here is every person you come in contact with will be tracked for you in a CRM for organization and to be reached out to in the future with any new offer or review request. We can also import any current database you already have and this will all be done for you through automations on our end.

Condensed Communication Channels: Here we will take your text messages, emails, IG messages, Facebook messages and get them all in one place to easily respond to all messages from different platforms!

Personal Brand Package


Custom Personal Funnel

Incoming Prospect Info Capture

All Info In One Place w/ Video

Funnel SMS Widget

Calendar Booking Insert

Call Onboarding Form w/ Tracking

Appointment Result Follow Ups

Client Nurtures Based On Appointment

CRM Pipeline Automation For Easy Database And Prospect Tracking

Monthly Database Activations w/ Offers Or Updates

Email & Text Message Campaigns

Condense Communication Channels

IG Message Automations

Potential Add-Ons

Facebook / Instagram Ads (+Ad spend)

Content Creation Support

Online Image Curation With Press

All in one system for:

Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Funnel and Website Building, Survey and Form Buildouts, Call Tracking, Appointment Bookings, CRM and Pipeline Management, Reputation Management and more!

And EVERYTHING is tracked with analytics that you can monitor!

Why You NEED Systems For Client Nurturing

System & Funnel Integrations

We are the definition of an ALL IN ONE sales and marketing agency designed to be an easy addition to any business to 2x the amount of revenue they are able to bring in by using our systems.

We will not only help you get more customers, but we will also help you keep customers longer at the same time as we help scale your business.

We will help you capture clients through landing pages, funnels, forms, calendars, SMS campaigns, and more! We will then nurture your clients through texts, emails, etc. And the biggest thing, we will help you CLOSE more clients through our workflows and scheduling tactics!

Capturing New Leads:

We will help you create new websites, funnels and landing pages designed to convert! With that, we will also adapt custom surveys, and forms as well as provide you with our secret sauce when it comes to appointment scheduling to get more prospects booked for calls!

Nurturing Leads Into Paying Customers:

Once the lead is captured, all the back end magic can happen! We will customize follow up campaigns for you to stay in touch with your leads and remind them of anything you need to reach out to them with. We will also get you set up with our multi system communication so you can connect with leads all in one place no matter the form of communication (text, email, direct message, etc.).

Fully Automated Bookings:

While we are nurturing your leads into paying customers, we will also set up automated bookings and appointment follow-ups for you all designed through our custom AI technology!

Closing More Deals:

The most important thing to us is ensuring we close you more deals! A few add ons we are going to provide you through this process are custom workflows and CRMs so you can track your leads through the entire sales process, as well as all the analytics and reports to track all of your conversions of your leads!

We truly are an ALL IN ONE platform designed to provide you with ALL the tools you could possibly need to grow and thrive as a business!

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Website Funnels

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