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Business Package

Company Systems, Client Nurture, Marketing Campaigns AND Social Media Management

This package is what every business owner could hope and dream of! This package allows you as a business owner to focus on the business itself and sit back and let us handle all the back end systems for client management and nurtures, client bookings, long term customer relationships AND your online social media presence!

The MAIN purpose of this package is to generate you an extra $6,000-$10,000 per month more then you are now and sustain the income keeping current clients long term and consistently bringing in new as well. A priority is to also strengthen your online business credibility and reputation through social media.

Business Package

(Custom Systems + Social Media Management)


Company Systems

Client Nurtures

Email & Text Message Campaigns

3 Posts / Week

3 Stories / Week

Post Interactions

100k DM's / Month

Dedicated Account Manager

Obtain Local Affiliates

Potential Add-Ons

Facebook / Instagram Ads (+Ad spend)

Customized Company Funnel Builds

Content Creation Support

Online Image Curation

Why You NEED Systems For Client Nurturing

System & Funnel Integrations

We are the definition of an ALL IN ONE sales and marketing agency designed to be an easy addition to any business to 2x the amount of revenue they are able to bring in by using our systems.

We will not only help you get more customers, but we will also help you keep customers longer at the same time as we help scale your business.

We will help you capture clients through landing pages, funnels, forms, calendars, SMS campaigns, and more! We will then nurture your clients through texts, emails, etc. And the biggest thing, we will help you CLOSE more clients through our workflows and scheduling tactics!

Capturing New Leads:

We will help you create new websites, funnels and landing pages designed to convert! With that, we will also adapt custom surveys, and forms as well as provide you with our secret sauce when it comes to appointment scheduling to get more prospects booked for calls!

Nurturing Leads Into Paying Customers:

Once the lead is captured, all the back end magic can happen! We will customize follow up campaigns for you to stay in touch with your leads and remind them of anything you need to reach out to them with. We will also get you set up with our multi system communication so you can connect with leads all in one place no matter the form of communication (text, email, direct message, etc.).

Fully Automated Bookings:

While we are nurturing your leads into paying customers, we will also set up automated bookings and appointment follow-ups for you all designed through our custom AI technology!

Closing More Deals:

The most important thing to us is ensuring we close you more deals! A few add ons we are going to provide you through this process are custom workflows and CRMs so you can track your leads through the entire sales process, as well as all the analytics and reports to track all of your conversions of your leads!

We truly are an ALL IN ONE platform designed to provide you with ALL the tools you could possibly need to grow and thrive as a business!

Why You NEED Email & SMS

Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns

Don’t overlook email and SMS (text message) marketing!

Even with a mass rush of new ways to get in touch with clients or prospects, emails and text messages remain the most superior and effective! 90 to 99% of people check their email every day depending on which study you check out and text messages are opened nearly 98% of the time, which are HIGHER open rates than any other channel out there!! That’s essentially an untapped pile of free money you may be sitting on inside your already build up database.

Email and SMS marketing should easily generate 50% of brand revenue for your brand when done correctly. ALSO, emails are 30% more likely to be opened just by sending ONE follow-up text.

We’ll AUDIT your current email and SMS strategy, learn more about YOU and YOUR store to ensure that our creatives are on brand, and implement a strategic plan upon approval.

Included in our services:

Email & SMS Marketing Copywriter

Email & SMS Marketing Designer

Email & SMS Marketing Developer

Manager and Coordinator for all projects

Insights to everything we are doing on the back end

BOTH desktop and mobile app access to analytics

Email and SMS campaigns include:

New Prospect Workflows

Retargeting Current and Past Clients

Appointment Booking Follow-ups and Reminders

Hot and Stale Lead Workflows

Post Purchase Review Requests


Our secret? WE CARE. We want to know who you are as a person, the story behind the brand, the industry, and our track record. All of our clients have seen explosive ROIs, and we aim to keep the streak alive with you!

Whether you’re sending a one-time message to hundreds, or millions, SMS advertising is a highly engaging way to interact with your clients and potential clients.

Let' Work Together!

Quick Look Into The Power Of Social Media

Why Put A Focus On Social Media?

Social Media is where the conversations are happening! Everyone and their grandmother, literally, is on something; TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. We’re living in the social media age and at this point, it’s an unavoidable part of doing business!

It’s not so much are you using it, it’s are you LEVERAGING the FREE platforms.

ALSO, just because you're is using it, doesn’t mean that you’re using it well... There’s a BIG difference in just posting a picture and having a coordinated social media campaign with the aim of getting results and creating a substantial ROI.

That’s why you need a social media marketing agency full of staff that live and breathe this stuff and have been in the game since the term “influencer marketing” was even a thing. We’ve built and run social media-based companies from scratch, accruing over 20 million followers across multiple networks in the process.

If Not From Us, Let The Facts Speak For Themselves

3.8 billion social media users globally

over 2/3 of US adults are on Facebook / Instagram

90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Gen X, 48.2% of Baby Boomers use social media

people spend about 3 hours per day on social media

89% of consumers say they would buy from a brand they follow on social media

84% would choose a brand they follow over a competitor

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